Les Evans

Consultant: Les Evans

HP22 6HR

I spent the early part of my career in the nuclear biotech industry before embarking on a variety of roles in electronics manufacturing, ranging from technical support and international troubleshooting to customer service and marketing management. Almost two decades of self-employed freelance marketing consultancy, public relations and technical copywriting followed. Throughout all of this, one constant has endured; I derive great satisfaction from distilling complex subjects into plain language to help people understand and address problems. Some time ago, I became aware of how little the average person like me knew about the possible pitfalls involved in protecting everything that we work for and hope to pass on to those who survive us. Since then, I've made it my personal mission to inform others of the options available to safeguard their assets now and into the future. Too many of us are under the comfortable misapprehension that all is well because we've made a Will, yet unforeseen risks may remain for our beneficiaries once we're gone, such as challenges to our last wishes and unexpected tax burdens. There is the potential for our plans being disrupted during our lifetimes too; consider local authorities snatching hard-earned property and assets to fund care fees, or losing the right to choose who looks after our finances and welfare if we become incapacitated. A Will is a good starting point and in many instances can prove to be sufficient, but in more complex situations and for true peace of mind, it may be wise to explore additional defences in the form of specialised trusts. A comprehensive review of your circumstances and wishes is without any cost or obligation when you choose to talk to Accord Legal Services. A confidential meeting can be conducted in the privacy of your own home, and you will never be recommended a level of protection that exceeds your needs. Just as importantly, if you decide to take advantage of Accord's market-leading expertise in lifetime planning and estate protection, the cost is likely to be only a small fraction of local solicitors' charges.

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