Enduring POA

Prior to 1st October 2007, it was possible to make an Enduring Power of Attorney rather than a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Whilst it is no longer possible to make an Enduring Power of Attorney today, many are still valid and in existence. Many people are unsure about their old EPA and whether or not they are still valid; by contacting our specialist team at Accord Legal Services Ltd, you can receive confirmation as to whether or not the document is still valid. In some cases, a new LPA may need to be made.

EPAs did not need to be registered when initially made, but do still need to be registered if the person who made it loses capacity. We regularly undertake the registration of EPAs, which can be a time consuming and long drawn out process. Contact us today for an initial discussion about your EPA.

If you have already made an Enduring Power of Attorney, it is still valid, but it does not allow your attorneys to make decisions about your health and welfare. If you are primarily concerned about your health and welfare, please see the related section on Health and Welfare LPAs.

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