Pre-paid packages

1. Our probate plan Pre-arranged Fee GUARANTEE.

An option you have when you make your Will with Accord Legal Services is to pre-arrange your Probate and Estate Administration at a fixed rate.

Other members of your family can also benefit from your plan. This could produce substantial savings for you across future generations.

Our Probate professionals will deal with everything for your family so that they inherit your estate quickly, efficiently and smoothly.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that the fees for your estate administration are guaranteed; your family will not be saddled with spiralling legal fees.

This plan is perfect for any person that wants to plan ahead and ensure that Probate and Estate Administration is in place for their loved ones.

2. Our Executor Support Package

Want loved ones to handle Probate but would like professional assistance to be available at the end of the telephone?

Some people appoint their spouse or adult children as their executors. Often this is because they want to save the Probate and Estate Administration fees that would otherwise be paid to professionals.

Some people experience no difficulties completing all of the paperwork and tax returns where others find it stressful and time consuming.

Your Executor is personally responsible.

When appointing a family member as executor, you may need to consider how they might feel about doing all the legal and official duties. This may be especially difficult after losing such a close loved one. Secondly, would they be capable of carrying out such a time consuming and demanding task? They will be bound by responsibilities and duties which must be carried out correctly, as they are personally and financially liable for the estate. This means that, if they make a mistake, it will be the executors responsibility. This may cost them many thousands of pounds to put right – not something many people want to expose their loved ones to!

With Accord Legal Services, you can arrange for our professionals to help your loved ones with the complex tasks at hand.

This is arranged in advance, therefore you can rest assured that your chosen executors will not have to worry or struggle. By pre-arranging professional help and guidance for them, you can ensure that when the time comes they can call upon our Probate and Estate Administration experts. They will give them all the help and guidance they need to properly administer your estate.

This service provides a support network for your executor. They can rely on the sympathetic advice and guidance from our specialists who are experts in this field.

The Executor Support Plan is perfect for the person who chooses to appoint family members (or friends) as executors but would like to ensure that their chosen executors have the support, help and guidance they may need during this difficult time.


Probate & Estate Administration – If you have recently lost a loved one you are already experiencing a great deal of emotional stress and dealing with the whole system of post death administration issues can be extremely daunting.

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