Your Will is a powerful and important documents for many reasons. The main reason often given for making one is that the Testator- the person making the Will- wants to protect their assets from losses. They may just want to give themselves greater control over what happens to their estate after they’re gone.

However, an often under-appreciated reason for making a Will is the ability to appoint guardians within one.

What is a guardian?

A guardian is the person a parent appoints to look after their young children (under 18) should anything happen that prevents them from doing so themselves. They may be close relatives such as the child’s grandparents, or even trusted friends. Crucially, the only place to legally nominate guardians is within a Will.

Why is it so important to have them?

Without making a Will, and therefore without nominating guardians, your young children may be left in a difficult position should anything happen to you and their other parent. They may be placed within the social care system whilst the law finds suitable guardians for them. This may result in your children staying in care longer than they need to, or worse- the law appointing somebody that you absolutely did not want to be your children’s guardian, such as an estranged relative!

How easy is it to do?

It couldn’t be simpler. Whilst making your Will with Accord Legal Services, you will be asked about any children you have, including their age and any plans you have for future children. If applicable, you will be asked about your choice of guardian; this will be written into your Will at no extra cost.

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