Losing a loved one is hard enough without also having to deal with Probate.

Confusing terminology, legal procedures and countless forms add immeasurable distress and anxiety. When coping with the loss of a loved one, this is the last thing you need.

The terminology, legal procedure and tax and administration forms themselves just add to the distress and anxiety that you are already experiencing after the loss of a loved one.

Unless you’ve experienced bereavement before, you will probably be unsure as to what you have to do. You’re likely to be faced with a barrage of unfamiliar terms such as Probate and Estate Administration, and have a lot of questions on matters that require immediate attention.

Often, after the funeral is over, a family member must deal with the deceased’s estate. This can be extremely stressful for somebody who has never done it before, and often they need reassurance that what they’re doing is correct. This is where Accord step in- we offer a free bereavement helpline to help you through what can be a difficult and time consuming process.

Without obtaining a grant, you cannot usually sell or deal with any of the deceased’s assets or close any accounts or transfer funds. It is therefore a vital step in the estate administration process. We can ease the stress of the administering the estate by acting on your behalf.

Your Executor is Personally Responsible

Some family members do not want to complete this role, finding it too difficult at such an emotional time. Others may find the role much more complicated than it first seemed, or may simply not have the time.

Here at Accord, we have an experienced team of probate specialists. They are experts in handling the estate administration process swiftly and sensitively, taking care to minimise stress and disruption. This allows you to focus on your family and come to terms with such a difficult time in your life.

We will take care of everything for you from beginning to end including: writing to all the asset holders, submitting all tax forms and probate papers, obtaining the grant of representation, collecting in the assets and distributing the estate, and finally preparing detailed estate accounts.

The work will be carried out quickly and efficiently, and a family member will be kept informed throughout the process. Once all official work is complete, the estate is distributed according to the Will. This distribution is done with as little fuss or inconvenience as possible, so that loved ones have their inheritance as soon as possible.

A personal and compassionate service

We at Accord operate on a fixed fee basis, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that there will be no hidden costs. Ours is a personal and compassionate service; you will be allocated a legal specialist who will deal with your case from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on our client care and excellent customer service.

Let us carry the burden of Probate and Estate Administration

Dealing with someone’s affairs after they have died can be extremely complicated, confusing, and may take months to finalise. This causes more heartache and anxiety at an already distressing and emotional time. Let us help you through this difficult period.

Whether you simply need advice on the next steps to take in dealing with the estate of a loved one or are looking for someone to carry out services on your behalf, Accord are here to help.