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Being a Will Consultant

Being a Will Consultant is a rewarding and unique career. You’d be responsible for visiting clients in their homes, discussing their estate planning and ensuring they make the right Will for their circumstances. This allows them to secure the proper level of protection for their assets.

You don’t need to be a solicitor, or have any legal training whatsoever. We provide a comprehensive training course, after which you’d be fully qualified and ready to start seeing clients.

We like to see being a consultant as “supported self-employment.” You’d have the positive aspects of self-employment, like choosing your own hours and setting your own targets, without any expensive overheads and additional costs. You’ll also have Accord’s support whenever you feel it is necessary. We can aid you with marketing your business, seeing clients and much more.

For Estate Agents, Financial Advisers, Accountants and other Professionals

Why should you use Accord Legal Services as part of your advice package to your clients?

We work with many professionals throughout the UK. We help them to provide a wide range of services to their clients that could not otherwise be offered. This ensures their clients are satisfied and protected.

Your clients can enjoy the additional benefit of having you, their trusted adviser, recommend that they have a fully protective Will. They will also have the option to create a Trust, Lasting Power of Attorney or any other estate planning services that would help to ensure that your clients are satisfied. They will be advised of the best possible options available to them, giving you peace of mind that your clients are well looked after.

We can help to ensure that plans are in place now for the day your client’s life long efforts need to be passed on to loved ones quickly, smoothly and cost effectively.



Professional Advisers

We work with many professional introducers in order to make our range of services available to their clients. We feel that by teaming with other professionals, it ensures that our mutual clients are fully advised on all matters relating to their affairs and financial planning. This means that we all cover our professional obligations to each individual client. This also sets us and our partners apart as leaders in the private client sector. If you own a business, partnering with Accord could potentially attract new clients. You can also provide the current clients you care so much about with essential, valuable services.

Having a Will is a very prudent part of succession planning. However, having the “Right” Will is essential. When providing financial advice and guidance to a client, the area of Wills has, perhaps, often been overlooked or under serviced. This is often because it is simply not the adviser’s area of expertise.

Unfortunately, the only advice provided for those without a Will is often just “you would be wise to get one.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could advise your clients on exactly how to plan their estates?

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